Spandex Effect

The Spandette's debut album Spandex Effect was recorded live off the floor to capture their unique mix of free spirit and tight musicianship. 

Features singles Sweet & Saccharine and Dig Deeper


Spandex Effect is energetic, playful, danceable and topped with three part harmonies... It’s a great soundtrack to summer.
— Errol Nazareth, CBC

Sequin Sunrise

The Spandette's sophomore release Sequin Sunrise explores deeper songwriting and richer production without losing the energy the band is known for. 

Features singles Over Me and Love Me Leave Me (Japan exclusive).

The long awaited new album Sequin Sunrise, showcases The Spandettes’ individual personalities and the music shines dazzlingly with so much elegance.
— Yuma Totsuka, Mikiki Magazine, Japan

Over Me (7" Vinyl)

Over me, the international single from Sequin Sunrise is available pressed on 7" vinyl with So Far Away on the B side.