Sequins For All People Equal.

Who made this thing possible!!

The gratitude and love we have for everyone who is making this record possible is way too much to contain in one blog post, but we'll give it a shot anyway!


The foundation foundation assisting Canadian talent on recordings, for those who don't know, have been helping Canadian bands create and promote amazing music since 1982! We have been so so so fortunate to receive not one, but 2 "jurried sound recording" grants. These are very competitive, with only 10-15% of applicants getting approved. The coolest part about being approved (aside from the money making the album possible!) is that the selection process is from a jury of our peers in the music business. So that means that musicians, A&R people, label execs, broadcasters and producers like our music and see commercial potential in it. Hurray!


P-Vine Inc:

We are an independent band, everywhere except in Japan where we are signed to arguably the coolest label in Asia! Our debut album Spandex Effect was released by them, and they did an awesome job of promoting it and getting people acquainted with what we do! Without them we would never have had daily radio play on major stations in Japan, listening booths in Tower Records in Tokyo and oh yeah, record sales! We <3 P-Vine!



One day a few months ago we got this awesome email from Janine from Finetunes, the 5th biggest independent distributor in the world. She had a copy of our last album on vinyl and wanted to know why she couldn't find it anymore, and if she could help us with distribution for both our debut and the new album. It's always awesome in an industry full of rejection to have someone who is genuinely a fan of your music ask to work with you! Finetunes will be releasing our album digitally world-wide and we are starting arrangements to release vinyl with them too!



see our kickstarter page here

And last but not least!! This one means the most on an emotional level. 80 of our friends, family and fans stepped up for us and contributed to our Kickstarter campaign to make this record possible. We thought there would be a bunch of pre-orders for $10-20 but actually the average backing amount was just under $100! We can't even begin to explain the comfort and reassurance we feel from knowing all of these people believe in us and are rooting for our success. 

Here's the list of our lovely backers. Shout outs to:

Jackie Ferguson

Teagan Gacuk

Anthony Bird

Peter Fuchs

Adrian Caswell

Luigi Rende

Merideth van Oene

Shar Mitchell

Kate Land

Duncun Boyce

Brenda Goodlad

Eric Akaoka

Carlin Salisbury

Mark Ometoruwa

Marisa Stroud

Erin Edep

Laura & John Rossall

Greg Munger

Scheer Jérôme

John Formosa

Brendan Boyle

Amy Clarke

Jenna Winter

Theresa Wilson

Dennis Lamar

Masha Culum

Laura Murray

Emily Lipinski

Fiona Kiernan

Tina Guerin

Marcus Walker

Cathy Thomas

Flora Langlois

Krista Lewis

Corinne & Cyril Levitt

Debbie Dube

Masa T. 

Nancy Flood

Debbie Schaefer

Sonya Myles

Dagmar Dixon

Nicole Macrae

Scott Brewer

Peter Bangarth

Taro Yoshioka

Jamie Brow

Stephan Bacsalmasi

Kathleen & Roger Williams

Heinz and Anna Meusel

Pamela Ogelsby

Bruce Tait

Melanie Tait

Alicia Canali

Karen Condon

Kim Selley

Johanna Lorge

William Rayner

Shumpei Shimosako

Liz Hopkins

Jack and Nancy Ogeslby

Harley & Lisa Kalbfleisch 

Santiango Rodriguez

Dan Clarke

Kazahaya Okada

Jane & Gerhard Kasprowicz

Julie Brown

Janis Darrah

Debbie Vanderklis

Jenna Lewis

Arthur Davison

Joan & Alexis Nomides

Sue May

Leah Allyce Canali

Julie Davis

Danielle Bourgeois


Clinton Davis

Tom & Diana

Pam & Rick Davis

Vicki Formosa

Wayne Groom

Kathy Groom

Megan Carr Locke

Amanda Bently

Margaret Hopkins

Laura Callu

B.J. Richmond

Susan Cook

So thank you so very much to every person and organization who is helping us make this album! It's going to be epic...


The Spandettes