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Studio Diary: Day 4

Today was our 4th day in the studio tracking vocals and now the horns are here to do their part on the next three songs for the record.

Today we wanted to talk about how things don't always go the way you plan in the studio- and in life! Today we just struggled on all levels. We were coughing and clearing our throats, feeling emotional and overwhelmed, feeling frustrated with not nailing the parts easily...

What happens in the studio is this thing where it feels like singing under a microscope. You have headphones on playing the track, usually with one ear on and one ear off to hear some of your own voice in the room as well as it's being recorded. It can feel very unnatural when you are used to singing on a stage or just unplugged. We're total pro's but today we struggled! 

But like anything in life, there's timelines and budgets and things to accomplish, so you have to do whatever it takes on a psychological level to get back in the zone and deliver. Somehow you have to check all of those worries and personal issues at the door and just vibe it out.

Today we had a few tears, some massive group hugs, some serious dancing in our vocal booths and lots of good talks about embracing our individual voices and loving what we each have to bring to the table- and it worked! We got it done, and things sound great!

Tomorrow is our last day of tracking and we're so excited to come back with a fresh perspective and wrap up this amazing record.


Alex, Maggie & Lizzy