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Spandettes Style - working with Tess Barbieri

tess adjustments

We Spandettes recently had the pleasure of working with local Toronto designer, Tess Barbieri. Tess makes clothes designed for women of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy and confident. And as a bonus she works with sustainable materials. We hooked up with her after she asked Maggie to pose for her upcoming fall collection. Maggie told her about our band and together they hatched the idea to have Tess make us custom dresses for our launch party, which took place on March 21st, 2014 at Tattoo. We decided to ask fashion blogger and photographer (and friend of the band), Stefania Yarhi to document the process of working with Tess.

When us three girls had our weekly get-together and discussed the possibility of custom dresses we all got really excited about it, especially since we love Tess's dedication to sustainability. The three of us all have different body types (Tyra Banks would call us "fiercely real") so sometimes it's a challenge to shop for coordinated outfits for performances.

A couple of weeks later we met with Tess for a fitting, and were pumped to see that we all looked great in her dresses and that we could have complimentary looks with slightly different silhouettes. Maggie's dress had a sweetheart neckline with a knee-length circle skirt (with secret pockets!), Alex's dress had the same neckline but with a pencil skirt bottom with a peplum, and Lizzy's dress had the same pencil-peplum combo as Alex's but with a lace covered top. Perfect for The Spandettes- cohesion with a bit of individuality.

trying on sample dresses

Shortly after our fitting we had a very fun photo shoot with photographer David Charlec, as well as Stefania shooting behind the scenes. We have to send a big shout out to Mark from The Great Hall and Kealan from 69 Vintage for hosting the shoot. Tess joined us for the day and made sure everything was styled just right. From the way our peplums were falling, to the tucking of fly-away curls on our heads, she was on top of it.

good times photoshoot
behind the scenes at the photoshoot
at 69 Vintage

And then the true test came! We rocked Tess's dresses on stage at our launch party and they stayed in place and looking good through over an hour and a half of high energy performing. We danced the entire time and found the organic stretch cotton was perfect because it moved and breathed keeping us comfortable through our musical marathon!

putting our dresses to work!
release party @ Tattoo

Lots of love to Tess for making us feel super sexy and comfortable- not an easy combo! We look forward to working with her again and wearing these dresses at lots of shows to come.


The Spandettes