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Press Quotes- Our Ears Are burning!!


It's been so cool to connect with new fans across the globe! Turns out the press are saying nice things too! Here's a sample:

"Their debut album is appropriately called The Spandex Effect. These ladies wear their "disco" hearts on their sleeves." The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show - BBC Radio 6 UK

"Instantaneous ear grabber. A clean summery record." Wah Wah 45s UK

"Very nice selections. Waking Dreams is an amazing cut." DJ Emskee WBAI 99.5FM/RECORDnition Party NYC

"Loved the Sweet & Saccharine single and this debut release keeps with that sugary light sound. Music to make you smile." Ginger Tony - Solar Radio UK

"Smooth and funky grooves for making moves." Mark Ski Funk By Funk Show UK

"Vocals are witty and fabulous! Nice follow up from the Sweet & Saccharine release." T-Bird -Something Else! Radio Spain

"Nice harmonies, interesting steel drums on Dig Deeper. Touch of the Winehouse about the lead vocals. A blazing summer anthem from this debut release. Warm and welcoming." Matthew Rogers - Source FM UK

"Authentic sounds that are full of great musicianship. Now if only this was considered pop music!" That Man Monkz -Shadeleaf Music/Join the Dots UK

"I already loved Sweet & Saccharine. Their take on Automatic is nothing short of excellent. This album deserves major play." Jason Randall Smith - Radio BSOTS US

"Rare that I feel the need to tweet two minutes into an LP but this is great. Such energetic, captivating songs. Nothing wrong with feel good music." Two Hungry Ghosts Blog UK

"The Spandex Effect is energetic, playful, danceable and topped with three part harmonies... It's a great soundtrack to summer." Errol Nazareth - CBC Toronto

Big thanks to all of these lovelies for sharing their thoughts on our debut record!


The Spandettes