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Photo Exhibit by David Charlec

Our band's favourite photographer is David Charlec. He has shot us 5 times in the last year in 5 different settings! Recently he launched a photography exhibit dedicated to images of our band at Madhus Cafe in Toronto. On the evening of the launch party we had the pleasure of singing a few acoustic tunes with our keyboardist Thomas Francis holding it down for 7 musicians on the house Fender Rhodes. The photos will be up for a few weeks so feel free to go check them out. 

Our first shoot with him was a tribute to The Supremes. We wore 50s/60s inspired looks and had SueMay Williamson do our hair and Irina Badescu do our makeup to match. We gained a new found respect for Diana Ross wearing such heavy false lashes all the time! It's actually pretty hard to look up at the camera with lashes that thick weighing your eyelids down. David used black and white film and a few digital frames on this shoot. (To see these photos go here).

Our second shoot was geared at capturing our new stage looks designed by a local designer, Tess Barbieri (our blog about working with Tess is here). We were very lucky that The Great Hall allowed us to shoot in a private party room there with excellent light. Then we went across the street to take some shots in the store 69 Vintage. We had a ton of fun there poking around and trying stuff on. We took shots with old roller skates, big fur coats and killer vintage accessories. (Just to clarify we are not advocating for fur in fashion, we were just having fun poking around the vintage shop). We shot in digital which was relatively new for David at the time, he is predominately a film photographer who uses vintage cameras. 

Our third, fourth and fifth shoots were very relaxed. At the third David documented a rehearsal at Ratspace, our favourite place to rehearse. The fourth was when we played live at Harbourfront on Canada Day, and the fifth was live at the Jazz Bistro in July. 

All of our sessions with David have been awesome. He is such a passionate music lover (and claims that we are his favourite band). He's always taken great care to capture us in the most honest way, whether we're dressed up to the nines with stage makeup on or casually jamming with the band.

To see our photo gallery, click here.