Sequins For All People Equal.

New Music Video!

With no budget, not a ton of time, and a new single about to drop, what's an indie band to do? Reach out to fans and friends! We're so proud of this new record (Sequin Sunrise) we have coming out in March. We spent every last cent of grant, kickstarter and general band funds to make a record on par with any major label offering, leaving very little left to make a video. Lucky for us we have amazingly talented people in our corner who were willing to put themselves out there and sing or dance along to our new single, "Over Me".

Enjoy the video below! Any one of these lovelies could be a youtube star in their own right! Read about the cast below the video.

The cast:

Fly Lady Di: Diana is one of Toronto's finest dancers! She has danced live with us and helped us get our stage choreo together before our tour in Japan this past fall.

Anthony Bird: Anthony is one of our sweetest fans. He plays us on his UK based online radio show, sent us christmas gifts, and was the very first to submit his Over Me entry.

Glenn Tavas: Glenn has been such a supportive and loyal local fan. He comes to all our shows, invents hashtags for us (#mandette, #sequinsisters, #sequinsgreetings etc), and poured his heart and soul into his lip-sync performance.

Hailey & Alyssa: These talented young sisters study music with Alex and choreographed a routine for the whole song!

Emily: The youngest star in our video, Emily's passionate freestyle dance moves can melt the coldest of hearts :)

Nevon and Tracey: Nevon is a singer and vocal coach and Tracey is an actor. So it's no surprise that these jokers delivered pure gold start to finish. Make sure you watch a couple of their outtakes at the end, we had to choose a couple of moments from several minutes of hilarity.

Puppets: We had a cute little band brunch before Christmas, and after a couple of mimosas, someone came up with the idea of having some puppets and stuffed animals make cameos in the video. We definitely had some good laughs filming this part ourselves!