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Love from 4 Continents


We Spandettes have been rocking packed dance-floors on our home turf in Toronto since our debut in 2008. Our typical audience used to be comprised of a couple hundred friends and a few fans who discovered us through the grape vine. We were a part of Toronto's scene of talented yet undiscovered bands for years. Until we made a deal with Do Right! Music. Our band-leader, Alex, has been friends with the CEO of Do Right!, John Kong, for a few years. They've spent many lunches and coffee hangs talking over "champagne tracks" (John's favourite gems) and the long lost art of slick girl group harmonies. And then in the fall of 2012, the band decided to cover one of John's favourites, "Hunk of Heaven" by the Hawaiian funk band, Lemuria. After he saw what we could do live with a "champagne track" he was sold and signed us.

Do Right! Music has a great relationship with P-Vine Records, based in Tokyo. The two labels connected and decided to release our album on two continents and our audience began to grow and grow. Now we have this amazing collective of fans in Japan, and their support has been unreal! They've been tweeting us, posting pics of their Spandettes vinyl and asking us to come play in Japan.

Then taste-maker Giles Peterson of the BBC played our version of "Hunk of Heaven" on his show, which has garnered us some attention in the UK. Bloggers in France have found us and written about our album. And somehow we've managed to infiltrate South America too! Now we have daily messages from fans around the world, and we are doing our best to connect with everybody and thank them for their support, the way we always have with our friends on the dance-floor here in T.O.

Only time will tell how this will all play out for us, and we can't promise to tour the world... but keep your fingers crossed for us and keep spreading the word, we might just make it out to play for you! We are so grateful to both our old and new fans for supporting our music and believing in us. If there were no audience, we would have no purpose. Thank you, domo arigato, gracias, & merci!

Xo,The Spandettes

Some special tweets:

 South America:

@thespandettes you are incredible! Really, I cried because you made me feel so happy when I listened to you 4 the first time! Love u girls!


@thespandettes Heard your song "Dig Deeper" on iTunes today. Nice to hear something using steel drums! 79p worse off now :)

@thespandettes Thank YOU for the music! Looking forward to seeing you live- are you playing in London any time soon?


@thespandettes you're welcome!!! I love your songs <3

My soundtrack: "Sweet & Saccharine" by The Spandettes

@thespandettes Have u ever come to Japan? We love ur music. Many retail shops here recommend you guys.

 North America:

HEY TWITTER! #YOUDBEWISE The Spandettes- 'Hunk of Heaven' - Giles Peterson Worldwide on #soundcloud