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Spandex Effect Release Party


My goodness this party is a long-time coming! We started this band in the winter of 2008 and have been developing an arsenal of original music ever since. If we had a dollar for every time someone said to us, “where can I get your record?” we’d have like $200! All jokes aside, we are thrilled to finally be launching our debut album, Spandex Effect. As many of you know, the album’s title was our former band name! We decided to change our name to The Spandettes to play up the girl-group vibe and pay homage to groups the The Ronettes, but with a modern take on that theme.

What is the Spandex Effect, you might ask? It’s a celebration of uniqueness and working what your mama gave you! Not everyone is a size two, and Spandex has that lovely quality of making anyone feel sexy. Whether you are large-and-in-charge, petite, or a queen from Church Street, you have no doubt used Spandex in your wardrobe to enhance your assets. And let’s not forget- Spandex is in everything! Check the label on your jeans, on your t-shirt, or on your hat. We bet there’s at least 5% Spandex in there.

This record is full of life and love. It’s a collection of 9 songs and one killer remix, courtesy of the Whisky Barons. We recorded it live-off-the-floor, and that method translates to a album that sounds fresh and not overly processed. We don’t rely on studio tricks like autotune and compression to make us sound good, we rely on great song-writing and killer musicianship from each and every member of this 10-piece musical family.

Make no mistake- this is a band you have to see live. We bring a ton of energy and tightness to our live show. After a 1 ½ year hiatus from performing (while Alex and Maggie had baby girls!) we are back and pumped to kick off our album launch with a bang! We really hope to see all of you sexy people on the dance-floor on Friday March 21st, 2014. Come celebrate the spring solstice in style!!


The Spandettes