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Coffee Shop Tour Round 2: Dupont Coffee Shop

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With our second cafe tour stop today, we had a nice chat with the brand new Dupont Coffee Shop and picked their brain about why they LOVE coffee as much as we do!

S= Spandettes D= Dupont Coffee Shop

S: What kind of coffee do you serve? Any reasons why?

D: We roast in Creemore Ontario with a local Roaster. The family is committed to Community and the environment equally & they LOVE what they do. Aside from the fact that they are fantastic roasters, I feel it exceedingly important to support local and regional businesses.

S: What involvement do you have in the local community?

D: The response from the local Junction Triangle Area has been absolutely unparalleled in anything that Ive been associated with. Daily posts on FB, messages, reviews, calls and invitations to participate in community events. In just 5 weeks we have participated in 2 separate school fundraisers, a pop up lunch program with a local chef, a feature film to be shot on location shortly, the Canada Day fireworks donations and your afternoon event! Not to mention local area businesses that support us daily and loyally.

S: What involvement do you have with the arts in Toronto? Why is this important to you?

D: Toronto is a vast city full of ethnic, cultural & dynamic beauty.  Supporting smaller theaters such as FOX in the Beaches, or Tuesday evening Concertos at Casa Loma are but a few of my personal favorites.

S: What challenges have you faced as a small business in the city?

D: There are no real challenges. We set our minds to providing a quality product delivered by the friendliest & most educated staff possible. They each uniquely have a personal commitment to the growth of our success.

S: Is there anything unique about your cafe?

D: The most unique aspect is the relaxed and casual atmosphere with that welcoming fresh brewed smell :)

ᐧBe sure to stop by this afternoon and check out our little acoustic set! And come support a great (and new!) small local business.


Alex, Maggie & Lizzy