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Coffee Shop Mini Tour Starts July 5th @ Holy Oak


After wrapping recording our album recently (stay tuned for our album launch party announcement) we just wanted to have a relaxed summer playing some chill little acoustic shows at some of the coolest little cafes in town.

It makes all kinds of sense for our first show to be at Bloor West's darling spot the Holy Oak. Almost every young musician in town has done small shows there at some point, and they have become known as a cafe and bar that supports local music and art in general.

We decided to reach out to the cafes we're playing at and ask them a few questions. Here's what Holy Oak had to say:

S= Spandettes HO= Holy Oak

S: What kind of food/drink do you serve? Any reasons why?

HO: We serve a bunch of tasty drinks. some boozy and some not. We are a cafe by day and bar by night, but you know... the lines blur. There are also some snacks on offering. 

(S: We've tried a grill cheese there, and can highly recommend!)

S: What involvement do you have in the local community? What about the arts in Toronto? Why is this important to you?

HO: We are a local community hub. Since 2009 we've been a gathering place for people in the neighbourhood and a place where local live music flourishes. We have always loved music. The expressions of the inexpressible need space. 

S: What challenges have you faced as a small business in the city?

HO: As a small business, it's not an easy task in toronto where rent climbs as high as it can. There is also more and more competition in the neighbourhood which is both a good and bad thing.

S: Is there anything unique about Holy Oak?

HO: The uniqueness of holy oak is in the feeling you get in the room. It feels warm. As a bar, we could have been a black hole with rock and roll, but that is old and tired. People are ready for us. ;)

Be sure to come check us out singing a bunch of brand new songs and a few classics with our keys player Thomas Francis @ Holy Oak (1241 Bloor St W) on Sunday July 5th @ 5 pm. No cover, but we'll have a vinyl fund jar!

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