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Body Posi Role Models

We scroll though Instagram everyday whizzing past images of full Kylie lips and sponsored adds with videos detailing how to take the best selfie (see: Amy Schumer sext photographer sketch for a good laugh!) . Don't get us wrong, we love an on fleek eyebrow as much as the next Kardashian, but it's so inspiring to see a rush of diverse body positive bloggers and posters entering the social media landscape and making a real impact. 

We're just starting to wade into the waters of the Body Positive Movement and we recognize that there are hundreds, probably thousands, of role models who have been talking openly and bravely about this subject for much longer than us. We wanted to highlight a few we've been checking out and inspired by lately.

1. BodyPosiPanda @bodyposipanda 

Megan is a 'recovered anorexic and recovered self-loather'. Her beauty is palpable on her website and on her insta. She posts loads of selfies with funny and apt comments like "BREAKING NEWS! BODIES CHANGE SHAPE IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS!" She also shares and re-posts images from other body posi warriors. We love her for her wit and her fearlessness to tell the truth about our unwillingness to see our own beauty. Her mission is for YOU to see YOURSELF the way she sees herself and those around her. She's a hero in our books!!

2. Plusmodelmag @plusmodelmag


Plus Model Mag is a hugely successful fashion magazine that features plus-size models and curvy fashionistas! Their photos bring high fashion and sleek photography that is often reserved for 'regular' models. The reality is that far more women fall in the size range of 'plus size' models, so we think it's fabulous to see an inclusive and growing fashion movement for all women. Follow them on Instagram to be inspired by body positive models and designers, and to get bitten by the fashion bug! Learn all about your favourite designers, make-up tips and plus-size model news from around the world on their website. For example, did you know that everyone's favourite Project Runway Winner Ashley Tipton has partnered with JCPenny as a brand ambassador for a new plus-size line? Well now you do because of the PlusModel trending News Tab!

3. HonorCurves @honorcurves

This 6'2" self-love advocate is not afraid to lay down some hard truths about the way we treat ourselves. In a recent post she posed in work-out gear with the caption "For every time I forged a note to get out of gym class. For every time I said I was the non-athlectic friend. For every time I sat out an activity because I believed I wasn't the right skill level or size for it…" She is an inspiration for every girl who ever said "I Can't", reminding you that, "Yes you can". She's funny and supportive, just scroll through her IG account and we promise you'll feel great!

Do you have another Body Posi Warrior you think we should know about? Please let us know! you can email us @


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